Welcome to Geoffrey Allen's website. I am a librarian, teacher, musician, and designer. I am originally from Toronto, but now living in Fredericton, NB as part of my tour of the Canadian Maritime provinces.

This space is my online sandbox where I spend a bit of time now and again.

I haven't yet found a committed purpose for the site, except as a way to share and showcase some of my work online. It seems to me that if I tried to bring together information from all my various fields of interest - ancient music, traditional flutes, design, knitting and fabric, photography, education, information, food, etc. - the site would be far too diverse and eclectic to hold anyone's interest but my own. Mostly then, I will likely focus on professional related interests, but this may expand over time.

I hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions or comments please be sure to drop me a note from the contact link in the menu.

The image on this page is from a photograph of the print The Wave (1970) by Inuit artist Simon Tookoome from my collection.