Welcome to my professional portfolio. In these pages I hope to provide the viewer with an opportunity to see some of my work and learn more about me as an educator. As teacher-librarian I regularly explain to my students the four stages of the research process. These same stages also seem to represent the sort of work I do as an integral part of my daily life. As such I have organised my portfolio into the same catagories. Click on each of the circles in the diagram on the right to view the artifacts I have collected for each stage of the teaching process. The thumbnails on each page will open a new window for a better or more complete view of the artifact. The arrow at the top of the pages will bring you back here.

I believe that as teachers we must constantly strive to keep our own knowledge and skills current and relevant. I have, therefore included a few artifacts illustrating my commitment to further learning in the stage 1: preparing section. Teacher-Librarians are responsible for selecting appropriate resources for their schools, and preparing lessons that foster resource-based learning activities. We must also develop an atmosphere that encourages collaboration within the school to help provide the best possible learning opportunities for our students. The the stage 2: accessing pages I illustrate some of my work in these areas. In the stage 3 processing section I focus on analyzing resources and data to collect the best possible resources and ideas for our schools. The lessons I teach promote critical thinking skills, and are linked whenever possible to realistic learning situations with practical applications.

I do not believe it is enough for us to learn only for the sake of improving ourselves, and teaching should be more than simply imparting knowledge on our students. We should learn for the betterment of all. We should share our knowledge and enthusiasm for learning with those around us to inspire others and help create life-long learners. In the transferring stage (and throughout the other pages as well) I show some of the work I have done to share my knowledge outside of my classroom or library. I believe the teacher-librarian is in a perfect position to take a leadership role in a school. I feel too that I have the background and organisational skills to make me a leader outside of the school setting. Many of the artifacts in the portfolio have been chosen to illustrate my commitment to leadership, and the promotion of quality education throughout the board.

Geoffrey Allen

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