There are times where students will need to hunt down materials for their projects. Locating good quality resources, however, can be a challenge for students. One role of the teacher-librarian is to help students find the materials they need to carry out their research. When accessing materials is not the focus of the lesson, it can be helpful if we do the leg work for the students, and create lists of quality resources for them to use. The attached file of New France resources that I created now resides on my library web page so that the students have easy access to it and the suggested links.
Good quality resources are not just important for students, but for teachers as well. I was a co-author on a unit for teaching the Middle Ages to grade 4's. The unit we created was meant to expand the Ministry expectations to cover the topic from a more multi-cultural perspective. The final unit is a huge document that the TDSB published for all of its elementary schools. The document is only available in print form, but I've created a pdf version of the first few pages to provide an overview of the unit here.
Collaboration is at the core of a successful school library program. I have been able to initiate a partnering program at both of the school libraries I have run. Working with core subject teachers has allowed me to show not just students some good research strategies, but to also help teachers include resource based learning into their programs. Last Summer I had the opportunity to share some of my experiences with other teacher-librarians at a Summer Institute. The session itself was a collaborative effort between myself and another locate teacher librarian.