geoffrey allen's e-portfolio

Move your mouse over the text to bring the sections into focus. In each part of the portfolio I have listed some of the key files for the assignment. By clicking on the image in each section, you can see the completed document with all of the pages and elements combined.

html and css

The topic I chose for my essay was an examination into the top ten uses of e-text in the humanities. As I looked at the literature in this area it became apparent to me that there are really only four significant uses of e-text in the humanities; at least, there are at this time.

This was primarily a text-based activity, so I chose to produce as clean a design for the webpage as I could. Images are kept to a minimum, extra space has been allowed between the text lines, and the simple design has been repeated for each page of text.

The essay was marked up in html, with cascading style sheets applied for both screen viewing and for printing.

tei xml: elizabeth barrett browning poem

This project involved encoding a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning as part of the Elizabeth Barrett Browning Archive. For this assignment the TEI encoded stylesheets were provided, and the text of the poem was marked up to match the template.

xml: 18th c. flute editions

In this assignment I set out to create a database of my collection of 18th century flute scores in facsimile edition. The xml format allowed me to take the base collection of data and create a variety of different outputs so that the scores can be sorted in a large variety of different ways. The xml encoding also allowed me to work around typical challenges such as sorting the items by date when the date field includes letters (ca. 1750, e.g.). This assignment required us to define our document type, and list the legal ellements and attributes (DTD).

Base files:

Some of the files modified for output:

additional materials

I have created a few extra webpages this year when I had the opportunity. Here you can find an essay I wrote on the challenges of integrating information literacy into the academic programs of both public schools and universities.

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