Preparing for the role of teacher librarian requires lots of additional training to define the true nature of the position. Beyond the library AQ courses, attendance at workshops and professional conferences is a regular part of the job. Each year I attend one of the TDSB's Summer Institutes to explore new ideas that are important to the library program. I often attend institutes from different strands of the curriculum just to see what's happening in that area, and how I can incorporate the ideas into my program.
Preparing also includes the exploration of new ideas and program to see what might capture the imagination of my students. Last year I had the opportunity to work as a Judge for the Histor!ca fairs to see what sorts of research were being carried out in the Social Studies department at other schools in the board.
Relating what you do in the library to what is going on in other school libraries around the city is a valuable way of keeping your work on track. School librarians need the opportunity to step outside of their schools and work together from time to time. These sessions provide an opportunity to share ideas, build community, and learn of new initiates. I have taken an active role in organising these meetings both as area facilitator at Wilkinson PS, and independently at Windfields JHS.