Transferring learning to other teachers and teacher-librarians should be an important part of our job. I have developed many lessons over the years that I have been able to share with others. This unit that I co-wrote on teaching New France through the research process was developed for the TDSB library department. The unit was published and distributed to all schools in the TDSB. I have further been able to promote the unit through various workshops in the board. The unit was also presented at the OLA SuperConference this Winter. Warning before opening: at 45 pp. long, it is a large pdf file.
All teachers should reflect on what they do it class. What works and what doesn't is a question I ask of my lessons regularly. Being able to answer the questions can make us stronger teachers. I care greatly about the teaching process, and like to help new teachers develop a better understanding of the learning process. I have helped support teacher-candidates from OISE/UT at both my schools. Even when I don't have a candidate assigned directly to me, I offer mini-workshops and support to all teacher-candidates at my school.
How can we present ideas in a captivating way? Technology can be a great help, but seems to change at a rapid pace. Being able to keep up with the changes can be a real challenge for everyone in the teaching profession. I like to meet this sort of a challenge, and regularly teach myself new computer applications or uses, whether to use with my classes, or simply out of interest's sake. This year I took on MacroMedia's Dreamweaver and Flash applications to build this website. Registering my own domain name, and setting up a web host was another part of the challenge. Clicking right will take you back home.